Xforce Warranty

All Products are designed for race and off-road use only and are not designed for use on roads or related areas including car parks.

Product Type Warranty Period:
Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems 60 Months
Mild Steel Exhaust Systems 24 Months
Catalytic Converters 12 Months
Electronic Components 12 Months
Universal Mild Steel Mufflers 12 Months
Universal Stainless Steel Mufflers 24 Months
Accessories 12 Months
Stainless Steel Headers 24 Months
Mild Steel Headers 12 Months


  1. Xforce warrants that the Products will be free from defects in material and manufacture for the Warranty Period.
  2. No repair or replacement during the Warranty Period will renew or extend the Warranty Period past the Warranty Period provided from the original date of purchase of the Products by You.


  1. This Warranty does not apply to any Product that:
    1. has not been purchased from an Authorised Dealer;
    2. is a second-hand Product;
    3. is made known to You at time of purchase and on the relevant tax invoice for the purchase of the Products that this Warranty does not apply. Circumstances where this Warranty does not apply include Products that are sold with defects or faults and such defects or faults are drawn to Your attention prior to You purchasing such Products;
    4. has been modified or changed
    5. has had the serial number removed, altered or made illegible.
  2. This Warranty does not apply to any defect in the Product caused by:
    1. failure to use or properly maintain the Product in accordance with Company's instructions or recommendations;
    2. abnormal use of the Product;
    3. any accident, neglect, abuse, accidental damage, incidental damage, incorrect application, misuse of the Product;
    4. Improper, incomplete or incorrect installation or fitment; or
    5. normal wear and tear.
  3. This Warranty does not apply to:
    1. gaskets, seals or nuts and bolts of the Product;
    2. any consequential damage/s;
    3. failure to order the correct Product; or
    4. change of mind.
    5. A cause independent of the human controls which occurred after the goods left the control of the manufacture.
  4. The Company is a parts supplier only, and not liable to defective fitment of the Products.
  5. This Warranty is not transferrable.

For any inquiries relating to this Warranty Statement please email sales@ozparts.eu

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